Parents Information

The Drumline is focused on teaching our youth. Its philosophy is one of fostering confidence, teamwork and achievements through discipline and commitment. These are life skills and attitudes important for our youth to realise and experience. It is common for many children to watch our performances and wish they could do what we do but lack the confidence to even take the first step. We start to work on the confidence side from the start. But it also needs to be backed-up from the parents.

In these days of quick amusement devices, experiencing what discipline and commitment can achieve in longer term goals is frequently lost. If the tutors, with your background support, can foster such in terms of practice then a series of goals can be achieved and recognised.

For the parents to assist most in the above life lessons we welcome the parents to also learn an instrument. Parents may learn and enter the band playing ranks. There have been many parent/son or daughter combinations in our corps. This is one of only a few activities that a parent can do with their child on an equal basis in respect to being in a team. It is great to have parent/child combinations in our ranks and we actively welcome such.

Please be aware that if you as a parent are without previous musical instrument experience your son/daughter will likely shoot-out in front of you when learning an instrument. So it may take some time for you to enter the corps compared to your child. Most parents will therefore settle for an easier style of instrument such as bass, alto, cymbals, etc. however please feel welcome to choose your path and realise it can be changed at any time. Please have a talk to us about learning.

It should also be realised that we incorporate teaching music theory in our lessons and that all we play is written with correct music theory. This is another thing we achieve: an understanding of music and the learner gradually is introduced to it.

A rank structure is present in the drumline. This is modelled on an army non-commissioned officer (NCO) basis (please see ‘Conditions of Membership’ section). The rank levels are an acknowledgement of the level of competence achieved. However responsibilities will be expected with such rank achievements such as assistance in teaching/training and various special tasks.

As we are a charity and need money to purchase equipment and consumables, it is requested that all parents assist in any money raising activities, eg, Bunnings BBQs, raffles, etc.

All parents are welcome to attend and take-part in, drumline committee meetings. There are about 4 of these held each year.
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