Being a Drumline Member

Once the leaner has progressed-through to acceptable performance levels, paid their annual fee, and organised a uniform, they will start appearing in public performances with the Drumline.

Attendance at such performances is not mandatory. When the Drumline is invited to perform, the Musical Director is under much pressure to provide a prompt answer whether the Drumline can or can’t. So a performance availability post is distributed via email/facebook to all eligible members so that they are informed of the proposed performance details and each member must promptly indicate whether they are able to commit to it or not. From this feedback of member availability, a decision is then made by the Musical Director whether the Drumline will perform and an official answer is then advised.

If the performance invitation is accepted by the Musical Director he will add the details to the website along with a list of those players who have committed. This can be accessed through the members only section of this website.

It is important for all Drumline members to realise the importance of commitment to such performance availabilities. The performances are sometimes accepted on a minimum-sized drumline composition and if one player pulls out there may be a resulting problem in the whole Drumline’s commitment. Thus, saying ‘no’ to such individual commitments is OK, but saying ‘yes’ MUST be honoured. On the other hand, if one initially said ‘no’ then it is usually easy to come-in after asking permission.

Extra practices occur when insufficient progress is being made at normal weekly practices leading up to certain public performances. These practices are usually organised on weekends: typically of 1.5 to 2 hour’s duration. Such practices will be discussed with the members at the weekly practices to choose time suitability to maximise attendance. These are organised typically at the end of the Drumline practice. Parents of younger members are welcome to come in and listen to such discussions and become aware of what is happening etc. It would be unusual to have more than 5 extra practices each year.
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