Interested In Learning?

First thing to do: Ring Don, the Musical Director, on 0428 281 941 after reading all the details below, to register your interest and let him know when you’d like to start.

Weekly Practices

Practices are on most weeks of school and frequently will progress through the school holidays (except Christmas Holidays). They are held at the Coomera Anglican College each Thursday night. There are graded and staggered practice times as follows:

4:00pm to 4.40pm – Beginner Practice

This is for those that are to start learning. Practices are on pads on tables.

These are group lessons, so the tutor will spend some minutes with each learner (or group) and progress-on to the next, coming back around regularly. This enables the learner to consolidate the aspects taught.

A term fee of $50 is required for tuition (family discounts will be applied). The learners are expected to purchase their own, music folder, sticks and practice pad. Recommended sticks and pads are available for purchase from the Drumline: Sticks: $32, Pads: $15. It must be noted that many drum sticks are quite unbalanced and will put the learner at a distinct disadvantage in learning. When the learner graduates into the Drumline, proper sticks and same sounding pad are mandatory requirements to have.

Toward the completion of the learner lesson syllabus a cheap tin whistle will be required to be purchased. One of the test pieces is a simple tune played on such. The drumline players are all expected to have such diversity.

The learner has a total of 6 test pieces to play at a satisfactory level to graduate from learner practice. The test pieces can be repeated any number of times until the standard is achieved.

4:45pm to 5.25/6:15pm – Recruit Practice

This practice is attended by those learners who have achieved the test pieces from the Beginner Practice level. Initially, the learner will finish at 5.25pm but depending on their progress and what the drumline will be practicing, will eventually be asked to stay until 6.15pm. Practice will be initially on pads and as progress is made, drums are issued and played in the second half of the practice. The first half of this practice is with other recruits only. The second half (from 6pm) is with the Drumline.

There are no lesson fees required but the learner is required to formally join the Drumline by paying term fees, presently $50 (family discounts available), to cover insurance and the issued equipment. This fee must be paid before drums are issued.

As the learner gets closer to achieving a level considered sufficient to perform with the Drumline, they must purchase a uniform (see uniform section/handout): a one-time cost.

A progressive payment set-up can be organised for both the membership and uniform costs but must be at least half-paid before issue of items can occur.

5.30pm to 7:00pm – Drumline Practice

This practice is attended by players who have reached a performance standard and are playing most performance routines. This is the main Drumline practice with most public performances organised with this corp of players.

7:30pm to 9pm – Advanced Drumline Practice

This practice is attended by those players who can confidently play DS1,2, street march set, tin whistle regular tunes, and have passed the DS3 test pieces. This corp of players are aimed at more-advanced drumline performance routines and can either combine with the main corp or perform on their own.
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