Gold Coast Drumline

Who We Are

An exciting and different entertainment entity has formed on the Gold Coast - the Gold Coast Drumline. The Drumline will feature drumming displays rarely seen in Australia. Precision drumming with stick juggling, throwing sticks, and interlaced drumming, all done with movement, marching, and plenty of “wow” from the audiences on the advanced displays. The corp can also pull-out tin whistles and turn into something completely different again!

The professional management structure, high public exposure, together with the focus on developing young players will provide a unique, different and rewarding experience for its members.

What We Do

The uniqueness of the Drumline’s performances, will provide event organisers with a great variation to their entertainment line-up. The Drumline’s ability to march & play anywhere (without the need for microphones etc.), provides festival organisers with versatility, flexibility and little to organise. The Drumline is at home on stage, surrounded by people, or marching.

The resultant significant public exposure at varied large events where the Drumline performs, also provides prospective sponsors with great opportunities in advertising and acknowledgement.


Music - Performance - Entertainment - Fun

As the Gold Coast Drumline (GCD) is new and developing, here is a video of the Coffs Drumline which is what our Musical Director, Don Want, used to run prior to starting the GCD. This therefore is where the GCD is also headed.

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Team Shots

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